Outdoor Installation Absorption Chillers

Our product range includes absorption chillers for outdoor installation. Two options are offered:

Without enclosure: chiller painted with special epoxy paint for outdoor installation, higher protection grade for the control panel, trace heating with temperature controller for anti-freeze protection.

With enclosure: factory-fitted enclosure with robust painted steel frame, painted steel sheets walls and roof, removable roof panels for lifting the chiller/enclosure package, adjustable feet, access doors with key-lock, pre-fitted outer flanges on the perimeter of the enclosure for an easier onsite connection of all pipes. On request, the chiller can be supplied with trace heating with temperature controller for anti-freeze protection. All enclosure walls are removable to allow easy access for maintenance.

Plug & Cool Indoor/Outdoor Enclosures With Installation Auxiliaries

On request, World Energy can supply chillers fitted inside indoor or outdoor enclosure including plant ancillary equipment ready to generate cooling and requiring minimal installation work onsite.

  • Cooling, chilled and hot water pumps
  • Cooling tower fan(s) variable speed drive inverter
  • Cooling water treatment station with anti-bacterial, anti-scaling, corrosion inhibition products and conductivity control with water discharge.
  • Control panel for the control and power supply of all plants auxiliary equipment
  • Shut-off valves, strainers, air vent valves, pressure and temperature gauges, etc.
  • Insulation on chilled & hot water pipes
  • Enclosure’s lighting
  • Enclosure’s air-conditioning system
  • Enclosure’s thermal insulation insulation

All Plug & Cool packages can be customized based on the customer’s requirements.