DWH Series – Direct Fired Cooling & Heating

In areas with expensive or difficult availability of electrical energy, DWH series chillers & heaters and cool and heat water using the heat from a fuel combustion. An efficient built-in burner can fire gaseous or liquid fuels such as natural gas, diesel oil, kerosene and biogas to generate cooling. Burners can be supplied also for dual-fuel applications. All burners are supplied with fuel supply train and a fuel control valve regulated by the chiller’s PLC based on the cooling or heating demand. Our PID logic maximizes the Coefficient of Performance (COP) minimizing the fuel consumption at full and part loads. The user can easily operate the chiller through a built-in coloured touch-screen and monitor it through communication protocol options: ModBus RTU, Profibus or TCP/IP. Our services include the development and manufacturing of customized units for non-conventional applications such as ATEX for installation in areas with explosion risk, special materials for aggressive circulating fluids like geothermal water.

Technical Specifications
Model Double effect
Input energy Fired fuel: natural gas,
diesel oil, kerosene etc.
Cooling capacity 176 ÷ 5272 kW
COP up to 1.4