CHP Series - Hot Gases Driven Cooling & Heating

CHP series double effect chillers/heaters directly convert heat from hot gases coming from cogeneration prime movers (engines, turbines, fuel cells), industrial furnaces, incineration plants, industrial heat recover into cooling & heating. CHP series can run in both cooling and heating mode. All units are supplied with a diverter valve that bypasses the excess input heat based on the cooling or heating demand. The hot gases flow in the shell of our CHP unit’s generator to minimize the pressure drop. Smoke tubes generators can be supplied in case of the use of less clean fuels. The control is based on a PID logic to maximize the Coefficient of Performance (COP) at full and part cooling/heating loads. The user can easily operate the chiller through a built-in coloured touch-screen and monitor it through communication protocol options: ModBus RTU, Profibus or TCP/IP. Our services include the development and manufacturing of customized units for non-conventional applications such as ATEX for installation in areas with explosion risk, low temperature hot gases, special materials for hazardous/corrosive hot gases and vapours.

Technical Specifications
Model Double effect
Input energy Hot exhaust gases
Exhaust gas temperature 250 ÷ 700 °C
Heating capacity 176 ÷ 4950 kW
Cooling capacity 175 ÷ 5272 kW
Chilled water temperature down to 4 °C
Hot water temperature up to 79 °C
COP up to 1.40