Absorption Heat Pumps

An absorption heat pump is a machine exchanging heat from a high temperature source to a low temperature hot water circuit while cooling water. The high temperature heat source is exploited for cooling the water in the evaporator while heating the low temperature hot water in the absorber-condenser circuit. Differently from a conventional heat exchanger, an absorption heat pump have can have an efficiency as high as 1.8 with a very high thermal energy saving. As driving heat source, our absorption heat pumps can use steam, superheated water or use a fuel in the built-in burner. There are several industrial applications needing cooling and heating at the same time. The high temperature heat source ingress is controlled by a modulating valve included in our scope of supply. Our PID logic maximizes the Coefficient of Performance (COP) minimizing the heat source consumption at full and part loads. The user can easily operate the chiller through a built-in coloured touch-screen and monitor it through communication protocol options: ModBus RTU, Profibus or TCP/IP. Absorption heat pumps are customized based on customer’s requirements.

Technical Specifications
Input energy Steam, Superheated Water, Direct Fired
Heating capacity 300 ÷ 5000 kW
COP up to 1.80