2AB Series – High Hot Water Delta-T Driven Cooling

2AB Series was developed for district heating companies to maximize the use of hot water thermal energy by achieving a high hot water temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the chiller, for example, 95°C and 55°C respectively. For district heating companies, a high hot water Delta-T results in lower flow rate, smaller pipeline diameters and lower pumps power consumption in view of lower pressure drops. For heat-recovery applications, working with a high temperature difference could help to exploit a higher thermal power and therefore, generating a higher cooling capacity. All units are supplied with 3-port or 2-port hot water control valve to reduce the heat ingress in the chiller at part cooling loads. The control is based on a PID logic to maximize the Coefficient of Performance (COP) at full and part cooling loads. The user can easily operate the chiller through a built-in coloured touch-screen and monitor it through communication protocol options: ModBus RTU, Profibus or TCP/IP. Our services include the development and manufacturing of customized units for non-conventional applications such as ATEX for installation in areas with explosion risk, special materials for hazardous/corrosive circulating fluids.

Technical Specifications
Input energy High hot water ΔT
Hot water outlet temperature min 50 °C
Cooling capacity 264 ÷ 4571 kW
COP up to 0.70