2AA Series – Low Temperature Waste Heat Cooling

When low temperature heat <75°C is available the 2AA series chiller can utilize such heat to cool water for ambient and process cooling. Typical applications include low grade industrial heat recovery, geothermal sources, low temperature solar heating, exploitation of ORC turbines cooling circuits and steam turbines condensate circuits in the power generation industry. All units are supplied with 3-port or 2-port hot water control valve to reduce the heat ingress in the chiller at part cooling loads. The control is based on a PID logic to maximize the Coefficient of Performance (COP) at full and part cooling loads. The user can easily operate the chiller through a built-in coloured touch-screen and monitor it through communication protocol options: ModBus RTU, Profibus or TCP/IP. Our services include the development and manufacturing of customized units for non-conventional applications such as ATEX for installation in areas with explosion risk, special materials for aggressive circulating fluids like geothermal water.

Technical Specifications
Input energy Hot water
Entering hot water temperature min 65 °C
Cooling capacity 264 ÷ 4571 kW
COP up to 0.45