Maritime Chillers

Maritime Absorption Chillers were developed by World Energy in cooperation with Samsung Heavy Industry to utilize waste heat aboard ships. The concept is to use the heat from the engine exhaust gases, to generate cooling for air-conditioning but most importantly, to reduce the main engine scavenge air temperature with the result of Specific Fuel Oil Consumption reduction. The scavenge air temperature decrease leads to less piston work and higher main engine efficiency. Due to the soaring prices of the fuels, the utilization of waste heat is becoming more attractive in the maritime industry.

A special chiller was designed by World Energy considering and resolving negative aspects such as the refrigerant’s overflow and mixing caused by ship motions, special welding, structure strength and performance de-rating in view of the ship pitching and rolling. After careful design and research the absorption chillers were tested on a moving bed to simulate the marine conditions. Our Maritime Chillers can be steam or hot water fired and seawater cooled with Cu/Ni or Ti absorber and condenser heat exchangers.

Technical Specifications
Input energy Steam, Hot Water
Cooling capacity steam fired 176 ÷ 5000 kW
Cooling capacity hot water fired 105 ÷ 4000 kW
COP Single effect up to 0.80
COP Double effect up to 1.40
Cooling water Seawater: Cu/Ni and Ti tubes available